Hey, I'm Fiona!

I’m a business coach for singers and performing artists who are ready to ditch the starving artist mindset and step into their new role as the rockstar CEO of their own business.


I’m a Singer myself, as well as an Actor, Writer and Voice Coach with over 20 years of professional experience in the performing arts.

I’ve worn a lot of hats during my career.

  • Opera Singer
  • Commercial Actor
  • Cooking Teacher
  • Breath Work Coach
  • University Professor
  • Education Director for a Celebrity Coach
  • Social Media Manager
  • Executive Coach
  • Vocal Empowerment Workshop Leader
  • Wife and Mom to Two Amazing Kids

But through it all, one constant has been my ability to synthesize information and teach it in a way people really appreciate and understand. 

Whether I was teaching vegan cooking to young adults, or vocal empowerment to a roomful of executives, my message always came across.

And ultimately, despite the subject, that message was consistent.

Trust yourself, stand in your power and claim your greatness!


But at the end of the day my deepest desire has always been to perform and the one who most needed this message was myself. 

So often during these preceding years, I found myself working multiple jobs, hustling like crazy to pay the bills and still perform. 

The problem was, despite my intelligence and experience the stress of juggling so many balls just to survive, let alone thrive, landed me in the hospital more than once.

I know what it’s like...

  • To work soul crushing survival jobs.
  • To feel like I’m getting too old.
  • To struggle and starve to stay solvent.
  • To skimp on classes and coaching because they were just too expensive.
  • To accrue massive debt.
  • To know I’m letting myself down.
  • To falter at auditions.
  • To feel embarrassed about the performance venues I sang in.
  • To wish there was a way to share my gifts with a wider audience.
  • To dream about living a life I loved.

Thankfully, I finally realized it didn’t have to be this way!

I saw examples all around me of  ENTREPRENEURS creating all new pathways to success. And it wasn’t just about Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing.

Independent artists and musicians too were getting into the game of online entrepreneurship. 

Today we are changing the game, trailblazers on the forefront of what is becoming known as the NEW Music Business.

What I finally realized is that business is only boring for people who lack creativity and imagination…

I finally realized that I HAD to figure out how to become a truly profitable Singerpreneur and once I had, the teacher side of me kicked in and wanted to share what I’ve learned with others.


In the New Music Business, the power is in the hands of the creators, not the labels!

I’ve learned to think outside of the box and bring my artistic ingenuity and creativity to bare on the path to building a sustainable business with diversified income streams.

So that today, I am running my own company, Fiona Flyte Global, devoted to teaching YOU how to create your own profitable business as a performing artist.

During this Journey, I’ve learned how to 

  • Build an organic social media following
  • Grow a real fanbase
  • Own the access to my ideal customers and clients
  • Launch on YouTube
  • Nail content marketing
  • Diversify my income
  • Sell myself and my product online
  • Promote my music
  • Conquer my limiting beliefs
  • Leave imposter syndrome and perfectionism in the dust

Wouldn’t you like to do the same?

It’s my mission to help other performing artists to: 
  • Design their lives, complete with artistic and financial freedom.
  • Identify their ideal fans, clients and customers.
  • Develop multiple income streams, both musical and complementary.
  • Take their power back from labels, producers, directors and casting.
  • Audition on their own terms and only when they feel a real call.
  • Turn down any and all work that doesn’t feed their soul.
  • Create a personal brand that reflects them with artistic integrity.

It’s my mission to help singers to become Singerpreneurs!

So Singer...

It’s time to take the reins and drive your career towards a real sustainable future.

So if you’re ready to take your power back and claim your greatness…