Hey Performer!

I see you…

I see you dreaming about your Oscar, Grammy, your Broadway debut, your Tony award, desperately wanting to make a real living doing what you love.


  • Super talented, but all the rejection has finally dented your confidence.
  • You don’t understand why you can’t support yourself.
  • All you really want in the world is to Sing Your Heart Out!

And I see you because I know you…

And I know you because I WAS you.

I’m Fiona Flyte

And it’s my mission to help Performers become Profitable!

  • You love performing and/or teaching as a vehicle for personal expression.
  • You love performing and/or teaching as a way to connect with people.
  • You love performing and/or teaching as a way to share joy.
  • You love hitting your stride and singing loud and proud.
  • You love learning and performing new roles.
  • You know in your heart that performing and/or teaching helps you to fulfill your purpose on this planet.

This is why it’s so painful to think for even a second about giving up.

And yet, everyday you do just that. You know something’s gotta give. You look at job postings, wondering if a regular 9-5 might be your ticket to a happier life. You think, “I could still sing on the side, maybe that would be enough.” And even as you think this, you know it’s a lie.

“I had the great pleasure of being a student with Fiona Flyte for almost two years while living in the Los Angeles area. As a long time singer and student, I had planned to simply get my voice “back in working order” while working with Fiona, but in the end I learned SO much more. She was extraordinary in helping me to realize my true vocal potential and work through many self esteem issues that were holding me back as a performer. She helped improve my audition techniques and taught me new vocal skills I never dared to attempt in my 15 years as a singer and performer. The greatest thing she gave me, besides an improved sense of Self, was the confidence and knowledge to become a teacher of my own vocal studio. I have been teaching privately for almost two years now on the East Coast and it is the most rewarding experience in my life. I am forever grateful to Fiona for not only her knowledge, but her support.”

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Debbie Lahti, Singer & Voice/Drama Teacher

  • Are you tired of hearing so many NOs?
  • Are you living from paycheck to paycheck, barely making ends meet from your gigs and survival job?
  • Are you living with your parents to save money and sacrificing you social life?
  • Do you lack community support?
  • Do you hold back at auditions?
  • Have you stopped investing in yourself and cheat yourself out of additional training, because it’s just too expensive?
  • Do you love live theatre, but hate watching other people getting to perform and not you?

Do you believe the problem is that you’re just not good enough?

Well, I’m here to tell you the problem is NOT your talent. 

You are trying to succeed inside a system that was set up to make you fail, set up to keep the money in the pockets of the men in charge. Imagine what would happen to the labels and corporate production houses if all the artists suddenly took their power back en masse! 

I promise, there is a way to not only survive, but thrive as an independent performing artist.

And to do this, you must STOP blaming your talent and learn how to take charge of your BUSINESS yourself!

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Marybeth Holloway, MFA Assistant Professor of Theatre and Speech, USC Lancaster

“Fiona Flyte has been a deeply influential force in my vocal training as well as other areas of my life. Her skills and knowledge brought me focus, confidence, and determination. I am not only a better singer and performer but a stronger woman. Her ability to reach into her student’s core is something that makes her unique and successful. I learned more about my voice but also learned to tap into various emotions in order to strengthen my instrument. Her breathing methods are unmatched in their direct ability to harness the potential of my singing. She offers not only voice instruction but cares enough about her students to help them overcome personal obstacles that may be blocking their path to becoming exceptional performers. I recommended a number of students to her while I was a teacher and all of them improved tremendously. I always use the knowledge she imparted to me to prepare me for whatever role lies ahead on stage and in life.”

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Why I am passionate about YOUR success!

During my over 20 years as a professional singer and voice coach…

  • I got tired.
  • I got tired of giving my power away to the people in charge of casting.
  • I got tired of working so hard for so little financial reward.
  • I got tired of rejection.
  • I got tired of my own “starving artist” mindset.

And most of all, I got tired of watching my amazing students suffer the same fate.

It was after working full time singing a series of sold out shows to standing ovations in a 2,000 seat theatre, while making LESS than minimum wage, that I finally said to myself,


As the curtain closed on the final performance of what had been the artistic high of my career so far, I made a commitment to myself to figure out how to truly become a Profitable Performer, dependent on no one but myself to pay the bills.

And since I took this leap, nothing has been the same. And I’ve never looked back. You see to become the real driver of my career, I had to let go of my own Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism. It was time I truly shared my gift with the world and stopped asking for permission from casting directors and producers. It was time I finally let my own light shine.

  • Now I feel more confident and creative than ever before.
  • I’ve become an entrepreneur with my own online business.
  • I’ve created multiple streams of diverse income.
  • I’ve coached new clients on becoming profitable.
  • I started my own YouTube channel devoted to teaching what I’ve learned over a lifetime as a coach, with new educational content uploaded every Wednesday.

And I didn’t stop there.

I knew that in order to coach other singers to commit themselves to their art, I needed to walk my own talk. So in addition to teaching, my YouTube channel features me as a performer as well.

Now it’s my mission to help other performing artists (just like you) to become the powerful BOSS of your own Singing Business.

To get out of your victim and scarcity mindset so you can become profitable and never question again whether or not your art makes a real difference in the world.

Kateland Cunningham, Actor, Singer, Voice Coach

“Fiona is a wonderful coach and a joy to work with. She is so insightful about starting and scaling a business for creative entrepreneurs. As an actress and singer I have seen my teaching as a valuable survival job, but Fiona laid out step by step how I could shift my vision and business from survival to successful. And most importantly avoid the burnout!”

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Are you ready to:

  • Stop waiting for your big break and instead create it for yourself…
  • Stop depending on others to cast you and instead create your own content…
  • Identify and nurture your real fan base…
  • Develop multiple streams of diversified income…
  • Build a potent brand aligned with your artistic mission…
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck, struggling and starving…


Are you also:

  • Scared to step into your power, because claiming our greatness is even scarier than public speaking, especially for a singer?
  • Worried that it’s already too late for you?
  • Nervous that you might offend someone with the potential to cast you in the future?
  • Terrified people will find out you really are a no talent hack, fooling herself into believing she has any talent at all?
  • Afraid, it really is impossible to make a living as a singer?

I know you’re scared, because I was too.

I know you think it may already be too late, because so did I, but imagine if you never do take your career into your own hands.

 What would it look like then in 10 or 20 years? 

You’d be exactly where you are today, only older, with even more years of struggle and poverty to carry.

 And even though I can tell you, it’s never too late for a new beginning, why wait?

 The sooner you make the decision to claim the career of your dreams, the sooner you’ll be singing up a storm on your own terms!

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And I’ll help you to claim it from a place of…


I’ll never pretend to be something I’m not and I promise to walk my talk. I’ve been in your shoes and I know what it takes to become a real action taker. I’m a straight shooter and I’ll be honest with you no matter what.


At the end of the day your life should be fun and so should your business. I’ll never be a tough love kind of coach. Don’t get me wrong, I will be there to keep you accountable to your goals, but I’ll hold your hand while I’m doing it. It’s my intention that after every session you feel more uplifted and alive, ready to dive into the tasks ahead.


This is no cookie cutter approach, because nobody needs to hear strategies that may work for some people but not for others. It’s my job to help you find the practical solutions for your life situation and your business. I know life can be messy and time in short supply and I’ll help you find the strategies that will best serve you.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap into massive inspired action, to treat your singing career like a real business, then here’s what you can expect from me in my 4 month 1:1 Coaching Program that helps performers go from Broke to Bank:

A personalized ROADMAP tailored to your exact life and current business goals, for you to check-off on before we start.

  • An in depth 4 month strategic program designed specifically with your career goals in mind and covering one, two or all three of the 3Ms required to become a Profitable Performer!
    • Mindset – How to Rock a Singerpreneur Mindset
    • Marketing – Running a Singer Marketing Machine
    • Monetization – Monetization and Online Entrepreneurship for the Business Minded Singer
  • WEEKLY 60 minute coaching sessions over the course of 4 months through the ZOOM video conferencing platform.
  • Private tutorials and training documents specifically tailored to business and marketing strategies for performers in the internet era.
  • M-F Voxer support, so I can be there to monitor your progress and be available to you when something comes up, big or small. Don’t underestimate the value of having a coach in your pocket!
  • Feedback and audits on everything related to our work together, including Social Media, Website, Copywriting, Patreon, YouTube, etc.


Bonus trainings on top of the weekly calls, everything you need to build a profitable business including Mindset Strategies, YouTube Search Engine Optimization and Canva design tutorials.

AND bonus trainings from my own incredible network of personal mentors, colleagues and clients:

  • Mindset Coach Rachel Josefina of Mindset in the MakingHow to Create a Life Changing Morning Routine
  • Multiple 6 figure business owner Taylor Quinn of Cakemoney ConsultingOvercoming Sales Objections
  • Copywriting Master Virginia Ribeiro de Assis of Content that SellsHow to Write Persuasive Content with Ease
  • Design KING Eric Lauer of GenmonsterHype Creation: The Not So Basic Basics to Designing a Post that Sizzles
  • And my very first business mentor who just reached $1.5 MILLION in sales, Vanessa Lau of Bossgram AcademyContent That Builds Demand

When you invest in a business coach, you’re not only investing in her, you’re also investing in her network and knowledge.

Limited Enrollment Opportunity

This is a special opportunity to work very closely with Fiona and it’s not for everyone. She’s SUPER protective over who she offers enrollment to. This is exactly why enrollment is only offered on an application basis.

Are you ready to let go of the starving artist mindset forever?
If so, then schedule a call with me, your first step towards becoming a truly

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